Umbreen Qureshi



As the product of the unlikely marriage of a Pakistani man and Indian woman, Umbreen is dynamic and deeply interested in the human condition. The summers she spent with family in Pakistan and India inspired an appreciation for service to family and community. Throughout her childhood she observed her parent’s dedication to sharing what they earned with family both near and far. This daily example of generosity is responsible for Umbreen's philosophy that life is richer when you share what you have with others.

Many years later, this world view is what attracted Umbreen to Civilla. She was immediately drawn in because the values, mission, and energy of the team matched her own. In her role as a designer, Umbreen leads user research within institutions to ensure the solutions we design are centered around the needs of the people they’re intended to serve. As a lifelong learner with a knack for research, Umbreen is able to go deep into any subject to help the team understand the system, challenge, and potential opportunities to improve it.

Prior to Civilla, Umbreen worked as a fashion designer at Ralph Lauren and spent four years traveling the world to work on economic development and learn textile traditions from local experts. Her travels culminated in the founding of a textile company in Portugal which she ran with her sister for three years. Umbreen studied at Pratt Institute, London College of Fashion and the University of Cincinnati where she holds a Bachelors of Science in design.

Umbreen’s favorite sounds are cottonwood leaves rustling in the wind and her grandmother’s early morning prayer bell.