Sam Brennan

Design Lead


Sam Brennan guides the team’s work on health and human service delivery in Michigan. He led efforts to redesign the state’s benefits application, renewals, and correspondence, and is now heading up the team's work to bring same-day processing for benefits across Michigan. He’s also our resident policy analyst, never afraid to dive into hundreds of pages of requirements to help our team understand what’s possible and take action.

Sam came to Civilla with a background in public service, working as a team lead for City Year Detroit in 2012 and a Challenge Detroit Fellow in 2013. At Civilla, Sam’s taken the leadership skills he’s picked up along the way to develop pilot programs and state-wide training sessions for partners, ensuring the solutions our team puts into the world are impactful, lasting ones. Sam brings optimism and energy to the team and our partners everyday – from rallying hundreds of staff to take the perfect group photo after a training session to full speed scooter races through the Civilla space – Sam makes sure fun is never lost in the work.

Sam holds a degree from Kalamazoo College where he studied anthropology. He's a former professional ultimate frisbee player who can handle just about anything you throw his way.