learn to design institutions that put humans first

Online courses from Civilla to help you build capacity and deliver impact at scale – designed for government staff and advocates.

where to start

All Practica learners should start here, with our introductory course on human-centered design for public institutions.

skill building

Build core skills for designing human-centered public services, and apply them to real projects.

user research

Learn how to conduct user interviews and on-site observations that can guide your design process. Coming soon.

user testing

Learn how to gather feedback and improve solutions based on user input. Coming soon.

opportunity areas

Focus your design efforts on specific opportunities to improve the public benefits experience.


Learn how to design a simple, usable benefits application, and start building institutional support for your project. Coming soon.


Learn how to design benefits renewal forms that are easy to use and process, and get your redesign project off the ground. Coming soon.


Learn how to design public-facing correspondence that reduces confusion and improves the user experience. Coming soon.

learning model

Civilla Practica is a collection of online courses designed for staff, leaders, and advocates who want to build institutions that put humans first. By sharing what we’ve learned through Civilla's work, we hope to help grow your team's capacity and our collective impact.

Practica aims to demystify human-centered design for public institutions. We’ve combined our deep understanding of human-centered design with the science of learning to develop an experience that moves learners to action.

In each course, you will:

  • Learn proven methods from Civilla's work.
  • Practice new skills through low-stakes activities to help you build confidence.
  • Apply new skills to your own projects.
  • Reflect on how to sustain ethical, community-centered approaches.
  • Connect with a community of learners across institutions.

Practica is currently in a pilot phase, during which courses are self-led and on-demand. Eventually, Practica will support cohort learning and collaboration across institutions.